ECB Portfolio

As ECB we value our clients very much, and we make sure that the product that we provide them with are perfect and fully functional. We make sure that our client receive what they pay for (value for money). Our employees are real IT people as well as wonderful programmers working with clients in businesses. If you ever need advice, we can provide it for you. And if you need something specific we will not disappoint you. Unlike our competitors we do not just deliver for the money but we deliver to satisfy our clients.

Software Products

Designed to boost productivity, improve risk management, lower your bank’s costs, and engender dealing and pricing communications, TDS combines various powerful but easy to use tools for planning and risk analysis. It can be easily integrated into any core banking system to make your operations seamless at much lower costs that any other solution.
TDS is designed to operate on a .Net service oriented architecture platform. It is highly scalable, very flexible, and highly customizable. It can be easily integrated into any core banking system. Because of its simplified architecture, TDS can be easily implemented, unlike similar systems that would drag on for months.
Front View helps companies of any size to automate service and support functions. It is packaged designed to bring convenience beyond the ordinary IT helpdesk use. A web-based system, Front View can be deployed over the web, or on a company’s LAN to manage and priorities service and support functions within the organization.
Front View’s architecture provides a multi-tiered distributed application model. It is platform independent and therefore enjoys portability across different hardware platforms. Its web tier and business logic tier runs on PHP pages and Apache webserver respectively using MySQL.
This web-based solution gives you numerical rating based on a computation of a number of factors to assess your client’s creditworthiness. It automates loan origination and credit rating functions within an organization by accepting loan applications, evaluating applicant’s credit-worthiness and making a scientific decision on whether to approve or disapprove the personal or corporate loan application.
Credit Score is a web-based customer facing solution designed to address the loan scoring g needs of a bank retail and corporate customers.
If your bank is a collection agent for Multichoice Africa’s DSTV subscriptions, chances are, you are now required to connect to its web-platform.
eSubscribe is ECB’s payment gateway that links your banking system to the directly into the Multichoice System. Deployed in several banks in Zimbabwe, eSubscribe helps you create new revenue streams by collecting transaction fees from DSTV subscribers.