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Business Intergration

Business Process Management

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Ethics Consultancy (ECB)

Award Winning

When developing an Application one has to follow certain steps to successfully develop an application, and ECB we follow the major steps that a required so that when we deliver our products they are perfect.
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IT Consultancy

Clients are looking for more than just discrete consulting engagements; they are looking for a complete solution

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Welcome To ECB

ECB is an application software and services provider focused on creating value for our customers through integrated and comprehensive solutions.

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Best New Name Deal in Africa
Highest Contributing Partner

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Application Development

When you buy a solution from ECB, through ECB or from any other source.
You will require skills and expertise to implement, support and upskill your people for the maximum and efficient use of your investment.

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Strategic Sourcing

ECB uses a systematic and fact‐based approach for optimizing your organization's supply base and improving the overall value proposition.

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  • NBS National Building Society
  • BPC Bank Angola
  • ZB Bank
  • ZUVA Petroleum
  • CBZ Bank
  • POSB Bank
  • FBC Bank and BS
  • Capital Bank
  • AgriBank